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Should you hire a Digital Marketing Agency or an In-House Team?

Should you hire a Digital Marketing Agency or an In-House Team?

Looking to grow your business through digital marketing? You are definitely faced with the famous question: Should you hire an in-house marketing team or bring in a marketing agency?

There is no wrong decision in any of the two options! However, from a business perspective, there are positives that outweigh the negatives, and smart financial choices.

On the other hand, the experience must come into play. An agency’s expertise in the marketing field in terms of a 360-scale coverage of all services is invaluable! 

In addition to that, you must take into consideration the super fast pace that technology is developing at. 

Therefore, we have listed 5 reasons why you should undoubtedly go for a marketing agency instead of hiring an in-house team:

#1 Cut Down on Budget 

Hiring an agency is not as expensive as it is perceived to be! In fact, it costs you less than hiring 10 in-house individuals to get the job done. 


Think business: You save on recruiting, training, softwares, and salaries!

You will also be in control of the workload and task frequency, with an agency it’s a one-time cost deal.

#2 Skills-Based Performance

Digital marketing campaigns and projects require a diverse group of skills. From copywriting and social media to budget setting and Ads, every field demands a specific range of abilities and competence.

Individual talent acquisition procedures may take more time than you think! 

You would then find your business short on time management and efficiency.

#3 External Business View

Bringing in a marketing agency will not only give you an external business perspective, but also a fresh branding plan that an in-house team would automatically try to maintain. Even though an in-house team might know the core of your business model, sometimes a fresh view gives it the push you never knew it needed, and we have experienced this before with our clients!

#4 Deeper Insight into Technologies and Practices

Marketing agencies are on a never ending quest to learn, adopt and execute the latest trends, softwares and directions which makes their work top notch compared to an in-house team that will invest more time and energy in educating its members about all of the previously cited features and more if affordable or accessible.

#5 Effective Project Management

Communication and collaboration are not that hard to attain! Although faster and easier, nothing guarantees process efficiency when it comes to in-house coordination. Start-up or established business, it is no secret that in-house teams might be delayed, preoccupied or even busy with other sudden tasks and priorities! Such occurrences might result in a lack of time management ultimately affecting the workflow, while an agency’s course of action would be solely focused on deadlines, time management, and task compilation.

A successful outcome is a beneficial business target for the agency itself!

In the end, both options might benefit your business. However, from an entrepreneurial perspective, more factors might intervene in this selection process. 

It is only smart to make the choice that will lead your business to thrive, grow and evolve with the least possible amount of cost, time loss and error! 

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