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The biggest updates from Facebook’s annual developer conference

The biggest updates from Facebook's annual developer conference


Facebook hosted its annual developer’s conference yesterday and the main focus was to build a privacy social platform, as Facebook tries to rehab its damaged reputation and regain the trust of its users. and during the conference, Facebook announced several updates to its main social network as well as Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger. They also doubled down on virtual reality and introduced Oculus Quest and Rift S virtual reality headsets as well as a new dating feature that could spark some very intense interactions between you and your friends.

Facebook and Facebook Messenger updates

  • Facebook Messenger is becoming an all-in-one platform and users will be able to communicate directly with Whatsapp and Instagram users within the app, whether in messages or video calls.
  • Facebook Messenger is getting lighter and faster.
  • Facebook is making all communications be made end-to-end encrypted by default on Messenger.
  • Facebook Messenger will get a desktop version for Mac and Windows that will roll out in a few months. The app will include audio calls, group video calls, emojis and many of the other features users are familiar with from the mobile app.
  • Facebook’s “Meet New Friends” feature is an opt-in tool that will help users make new friends from shared communities, such as the city you live in or the school you attended.
  • A redesigned Groups tab on Facebook will enable users to see Groups activity front and center and to share content directly to your groups.
  • A new Facebook Events tab will make it easier for users to find out what’s happening around them and get recommendations for things to do.

Instagram Updates

  • Instagram will make it easier to shop without leaving the app! Over the next few weeks, Instagram will test a feature that lets you buy directly from the app with select influencers and brands.
  • A completely new camera design concept will be launched soon that gives Instagram users quick access to effects and interactive stickers.
  • Instagram will start hiding “like” counts in Canada as a test.

The Oculus Rifts and Oculus Quest

  • The Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S are the two new virtual-reality headsets and they will be on sale on May 21st.
  • The Quest is completely wireless and independent.
  • The Rift S is computer-dependent. It has higher resolution displays and a better field of view than the original Rift.
  • Both the Quest and the Rift S are approx. AED1,450 each; with an option for more storage with the Quest (128GB, rather than 64GB) for approx. AED1,800.
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