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Yaz Launches First MENA UGC Platform : Get UGC

Yaz Launches First MENA UGC Platform : Get UGC

And we’re onto the next one!

There’s never a dull moment with Yaz, but there’s always room for new goals, new adventures and new milestones!

Being the ambition-driven agency that we are, we’ve accustomed our followers and clients to our innovative and up to date initiatives; this announcement is no different!  

Yaz is launching its own User Generated Content platform called : Get UGC.

There was a time when online advertising was mostly about text. 

Sure, we used pictures, but the copywriting was king. However, the rise of social media changed all that. 

Now, your audience is a battleground, and your brand’s voice is objective number one. 

So how do you compete? 

Simple: win the hearts and minds of the people you’re going head-to-head with as well as those you’re trying to reach.

We have witnessed many content channels struggle to grow and as such we acknowledge the presence of a gap in the market for content creators to apply for brands and businesses and produce user generated content . 

But in a world where you can promote your brand with paid ads, email, and blogs, why do you need something like user generated content?

This is where Get UGC comes in!


What is UGC in Marketing?

User-generated content is any content, be it images, text, reviews, or videos that consumers create about your brand. By sharing this content across their or your social media accounts and other marketing channels like the website, a company can increase its appeal to consumers.


Why is UGC important?

 It’s simple: word of mouth can’t be bought.

Authenticity is important to 90 percent of consumers, who say they will pay more for a product or service if they can connect with the brand on social media. 

User generated content is the best approach to achieve this sense of authenticity.


What are the benefits of UGC? 

  • Customers trust other customers more than they trust you (SORRY, HARSH TRUTH).
  • It builds a community of loyal brand promoters. They’re customers who are just as hyped up about your brand as you are.
  • It personalizes your marketing strategy by showcasing your products in real context.
  • It saves you time by not having to spend much time producing live content. 
  • It can help you increase your brand’s visibility not just on your social media channels, but also on all of your marketing channels.
  • It boosts your sales,  gives you a higher 400% click-through rate, 41% conversion rate and 15.9% engagement .

What is a Get UGC as a platform?

Aiming to provide the best possible service we can, the client is key and we want the most talented creative people out there creating content for them. 

We want the process of applying to be simple and open, so that if anyone wants to pursue a career in this industry they can, without being bound by huge corporation processes.

A user-friendly platform like no other, Get UGC is a place for dreamers and innovators who don’t settle for the easy way out. 

We’re not about bureaucracy and red tape; we’re all about having fun and challenging you and ourselves to be better!

We facilitate collaborations : Connecting your brand to real & authentic content creators

Leverage the power of UGC to  reach wider audiences, spread brand awareness, produce engagement and drive conversion.

Maximize your potential with Get UGC, whether you’re a content creator or a brand looking to leverage the power of UGC, we’ve brought it one step closer to you!

Get UGC, Get Real.

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