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Yaz Marketing UAE Mask Scrapping Reel Gone Viral

Yaz Marketing UAE Mask Scrapping Reel Gone Viral

The internet is a very interesting place.

One day you’re just doing your job as a marketing agency, the next you go viral on social media for it!

We hate to pull out the humble brag card, but we think we have scored a new win.

If you’re a UAE local and have been paying attention to your explore page, you must have heard of us by now. 

If not, that’s cool. You will soon enough!

Totally random question but…

How many masks must a man wear? In the UAE, it’s now one less.

In celebration of the news that the UAE is scrapping its Covid mask requirement, Yaz Marketing team of creative spirits produced a short video, resulting in a reel that’s been seen around the country.

The video quickly went viral across social with more than 600k views and 24k likes on Lovin Dubai’s official channel and shares still being tallied across continued reposts from accounts like Ramada Hotel & Suites, Luxury Dubai UAE, GUIA em Dubai brasileira and Dubai Realty.

This is all but a tiny snippet of what we can accomplish almost effortlessly for our clients! 

We pride ourselves with a digital marketing team that’s full stack and up to date with the newest updates in the digital world. 

Channeling their ambition, creativity and expertise, the Yaz Marketing team of talent never fails to produce world class content that can take your brand the extra mile by putting its heart, mind and hands into every single project!

The results speak louder than words ever could!

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